019 – Autism Doesn’t Speak Here

If it did they’d pass a law against it.

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  1. My two girls used to go to cen clears pre school/daycare a few years back it was paid for by the state so it was convenient since I worked days and the mother worked swing shifts. The state paid for them to be there until 3:30 I didn’t get off work until 4 and the mom usualy had to be at work at 2 when she worked nights. I would usualy leave work early pick them up and take them back to work with me to finish my day. My boss was very understanding. If I was 5 minutes late however they would charge us personally 30 dollars per girl. I refused to pay it because it was ridiculous when they knew our situation. The bill got up to 150 dollar because I was late a few times since I wasn’t paying them cen clear called cys and filed abandonment charges on me and I had clearfield county cys in my life for almost 2 years. They literally used children and youth services as a collection agency and cys went right along with it and never found anything wrong.

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