015 – Epilogue

The end of a long, strange tale.

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  1. What has happened to John has been nothing but a vile attack on a man who has devoted his life in spreading the Word and only teaching and giving to those who are in his life. To those of you who are hearing these podcasts may question his character because you have never met this man. I am writing this because I have known this man my entire life. I am 49 yrs old and I have been best friends with his daughter since 5 yrs old. I grew up in his home, spending weekends, days, holidays , in church etc Some of my most cherished times are sitting with he and his First wife Martha at the dinner table. I never in all the years of knowing this man ever heard him raise his voice or show anger for that matter to anyone. Growing up with his daughter and the rest of the family meant a lot to me . All it takes is someone to put doubt about someone’s character and plant that seed . I have watched from the sidelines how a gentle, humble man has been broken not just by reputation but financially, spirit and integrity. When my dad died Jay was the first person I called , for comfort and understanding. I called him late at night and he was right there for me to help me through my loss. Some of you that are reading this know me and you know Jay, but above all you know the truth. -Dee Levin